Welcome to Hudson Valley Quilts

This is my first blog post.  Below is one of the quilts I am working on.  It is a twin size bed quilt and I am hand quilting the Bishops Fan on it.  The pattern is callled Attic Window, from 101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts, by Judy Hopkins and Nancy J.Martin. Although our family will all use it, it is dedicated to our  cat Emma.  I have always dedicated one quilt to each cat that has been part of our family.  I chose this design, and the fabric in the back in particular, because it reminded me of our sweet, little girl who we adopted from a rescue group in New Milford, Connecticut almost five years ago. 

I have been quilting since October 8th, 1994, which was also the day I met my amazing husband.  Interestingly enough, he shaved his mustashe off that same day which he had for many years. So I always relate quilting to the best day of my life. 
This blog will be mostly about quilting, and the journey I have taken, and will continue to take.  There are so many incredible quilters and quilt blogs out there. I will share quilt news, products, fabric, designs, and patterns I find.  Anything quilting. And also inspirations.  You can follow me on Pinterest too.
The two quilting groups that I am apart of, are the Serendipity Quilting Group of Buchanan, New York, and a group that meets at a great quilting store in Mt. Kisco, New York, Pins and Needles.   The women in those groups are wonderful, supportive people who have become very dear to me.
I have learned so much from them, not just about quilting, but about life. I am very grateful to have them in my life.
I am also a Reference Librarian. So here and there I will mention not only a great quilt book I may have come across, but a novel that I enjoyed too.
One of the blogs I follow, Fresh Lemon Quilts follows the philosophy that the blog should be a positive place. So I too, will only post positive comments.
Happy Quilting….:)