Moda 1930’s Playtime by Chloe’s Closet Charm Pack

I love the day when new fabric arrives by mail.  I always can’t wait to open the package.  And today, I was anything but disappointed. I received several charm packs of  30’s Playtime by Chloe’sCloset by Moda from The Fat Quarter Shop.

These beautiful and fun fabrics are going to a project for me and my husband.  I am making a king, yes a king-sized quilt. The pattern is called Blossom Time, and is from the book, Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts, by Pam & Nicky Lintott.  Their shop, The Quilt Room is in London, and I wouldn’t mind a trip there, and to visit their shop. I have always been a big fan of their books; (I own three of them).
I absolutely love this pattern, and can’t wait to dig into these fabrics.

Bear Quilt Top Finished

I am so excited that I finished the top for the bear quilt.  The kit was given to me and purchased from Keepsake Quilting. I am even more excited that the back of this quilt will hopefully include some of the clothes from the baby’s first year. The mother is looking for some that will have special meaning. I will see her on August 3rd, and am looking forward to what she might choose.   

My specialty is to re-purpose baby and toddler clothes into a new quilt for clients. I’ve done many of them over the years, and love it because it’s a color, design and pattern challenge for me, to create a quilt that uses re-purposing of fabrics or clothes. 

Show Off Quilt Finished

I just finished this single bed quilt designed by Maple Island Quilts called Show off.  I am so happy with the way it came out.

It is a modern style, and very fast and easy to piece.  I hand quilted a pattern on it called the Bishop’s Fan.

I decided to hand quilt this for a few reasons. I knew I would love the way the curves looked quilted on top of the various boxes, contrasting sharp edges with soft curves. I always like to have some hand work so that I can pick it up when my husband and I watch TV, and when one of my hand stitching quilt groups meets.  Also, I know that this quilt will stay in our family for a long time,and be passed down.

I dedicated it to my cat Biscuit. He has always been attracted to the fabric with the triangles, even as a kitten.

I am in the midst of making other quilts, but thinking I will be creating this pattern again for a king size bed for just us.

Biscuit, Emma and Quilting

Well, what can I say?  These are 2 of my biggest inspirations.  They often follow me around our home, sit on quilts, fabric, and of course Emma’s favorite spot, on top of my sewing box. The handsome cat sprawled across the table is Biscuit, who has a heart of gold.  He has a quilt dedicated to him which I hand quilted while recuperating from hip surgery last year.  Emma’s is “in progress” at the hand quilting stage. The fabric on the back of her quilt is very special. Actually one of the fabrics in his quilt has special significance too.
I will upload them this week.  Right now I am working on the bear kit quilt.

I have to mention another blogger and her amazing blog‎
Jeni Baker has done an amazing job of explain the color wheel.

Our Short Vacation, and Progess

We just returned from a great trip to the Boston area to visit family, and the Berkshires to visit a dear friend. I love finding the unexpected on a trip, such as this little post office near Ipswich, MA, and Crane Beach.

After we returned, I made some good progress on my Bear Quilt for a client.   I am so glad to re-discover machine applique, and happy that this skill came back to me so easily.  I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve done it on  my machine.

Only 22 more to go!! But I have to say that I’m finding this process to be challenging and Zen at the same time.  Very relaxing, but a challenge to get into all the little crevices around the bear and have the stitches come out looking pretty – like the satin stitch should look.  

Especially when I am on vacation, I take my journal, because ideas come     to me.  Often I see patterns or am inspired to sketch in my journal.  I came across an image that I altered, and will use as either a block design for a modern quilt, or for a fabric design.  Not ready to share that yet.

In the meantime, have a wonderful July 4th.  Have fun and stay safe.  I am also taking time to think and remember those who have fought so hard for our freedom and safety.