In the beginning of the summer, I became more aware of modern quilts. The more I kept reading and looking at modern quilts, the more my interest grew. Two elements of modern quilts that drew me in are the negative space, and the many options in the composition. So I decided to broaden my horizons and join The Hudson Valley Modern Quilt Guild. (I’m not abandoning traditional quilts and am still a member of The Northern Star Quilt Guild). 

I met a really nice group of women who just want to quilt, create and have fun. They are so welcoming, and inclusive, and I always appreciate that attitude.

These blocks are created for a member. Each month someone brings in a challenge with a pattern for a block, in this case we could make a log cabin or wonky log cabin. We could add fabric from our own stash. In this case the challenge was to stay with the values of these red, yellow, white and browns.  I think these blocks are so cool. I am inspired to make a wonky block, which I’ve never done before.

These are some other ones for another quilt.

These are two more. The above one is for a postage stamp quilt. Something else I’ve never done before, and am excited about trying it.

What I didn’t show here, because the photos didn’t come out clearly, were some of our quilted name tags. Because there are a lot of newbies, someone came up with the idea for everyone to make quilted name tags. I have a lot of new quilting challenges in the weeks ahead.