Re-Purposing Scrap Fabric; A Block for a Modern Quilt Guild Memory

I am really happy I joined the Modern Quilt Guild of Hudson Valley at the beginning of this summer. The members are terrific, fun, kind and are challenging me. I am loving Modern Quilting,and learning so much. The contemporary fabrics and quilt designs are challenging my thought process, and giving me so many new ideas for things I want to make. 

I made a postage stamp block for one of the members today, using my scraps. The only request was that we had to use one strip of 2 1/2 X 16 inch fabric, and it had to be red.  Here’s the color palette I chose;


Then I realized I needed six strips. It’s a good thing I noticed that before doing the next step, which was to sew the long sides together, right sides together, creating a tube. So I added some green.

After I sewed the tube, I cut it into 6, 2 1/2″ units, and open them carefully with a seam ripper. Then I sewed all six strips together to make the postage stamp block.

And, the block came out looking good. There is a tutorial on uTube, and I will post that in case anyone wants to try it. On Saturday, it will be in the mail on it’s way to become a beautiful quilt.

On Monday I will post Part 2 of Building Your Fabric Stash Without Breaking Your Budget.  And I think we have a special fabric give-a-way planned with Cuts of Cotton in honor of Veteran’s Day.  Have a great weekend!!


One thought on “Re-Purposing Scrap Fabric; A Block for a Modern Quilt Guild Memory

  1. Turned out great. And I'd love to hear more about your guild. There is one locally to me but all they do is meet up on Saturday mornings to sew together. I want more and am even thinking about starting a new guild here.


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