Design Seeds – A Great Color Palette Inspiration and Resource

On Tuesday, I posted the Panetone Spring 2014 Color Report for home decorating, which includes quilting, pillows, table runners, etc. About a year ago before I started this blog, I was surfing the internet for color palette options and ideas, because we were redecorating our very outdated dining area and living room. We were working with a friend, who is mainly a DIY home decorator who was great. I came across this great web site, Design Seeds,

I was intrigued enough to subscribe to their daily newsletter.  I wouldn’t quite call it a newsletter. When you open up your daily e-mail from them, you’ll receive two color palettes, each with a name. I post my favorites to my pinterest account. This is a link to mine;

Design Seeds offers other similar social media platforms you can save them to, as well.

(Photo courtesy Design Seeds,
I added this caption to the palette after I posted it to my “Colors and Patterns Board” which is part of my Pinterest account. “I have to make a quilt out of this color palette. It’s so “beginning of spring,” and feels full of hope and excitement.” Spring flora.
Enjoy this fun and free web site, and check out their other navigation tabs.
Have fun with this!!


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