Work in Progress – A Thities Scrap Quilt

I have four WIP’s,including this one. I have been planning this quilt for about six months, and I am really excited about it. I decided it was time to get going and sewing.

Lots of jelly rolls above, bought at Calico Annie’s, a brick & mortar store in Nebraska, that are very “thirties.” Some solids are below.

This past summer, one of the members of a quilt group I’m in, called the Serendipity Quilters, showed us some real vintage fabric she found, which  inspired me to make a quilt using thirties fabric. 

I found a pattern in Jelly Roll Inspirations, by Pam and Nicky Lintott, called Pick and Mix. Normally, when I use a pattern, I use different fabrics, or make a twist on it to give it my own spin. But not today, and in another quilt I have planned, but I did completely change the background. 

These are my first two squares, only 88 more to go for a very large quilt, but it goes fast and it makes me think that spring is around the cornor. lol.

I will show more WIP’s in the next several posts.


2 thoughts on “Work in Progress – A Thities Scrap Quilt

  1. Only 4 WIPs?? Wow, wish I could say that! My goal this year is to get the number down without starting anything big. (I haven't really defined “big” yet.( 🙂 I love 30's repros so I will be excited to see this one finished!


  2. Thanks, Scotty. I tend to make King sized quilts, when it's for us at home that we can use on our bed. The downside is that I don't to try out as many patterns as I would like. This year I am trying to balance it more between king size and single size bed quilts. However, I think I may plan a quilt-a-long using this pattern in March, so stay tuned, because I am interviewing the authors of this book.


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