Sam Johnson and The Blue Ribbon Quilt

Thank you for bearing with us through our technical issue with Blogger. I found out that you can only create 20 pages in Blogger, and unlimited posts. So by mistake, I created pages for the blog that weren’t necessary. I just needed to create additional posts – learn something new in computer world every day. 

Last week was National Library Week. I belatedly am going to share the post I planned for the end of the week. One of my all time favorite picturebooks is about quilting and teamwork called Sam Johnson and The Blue Ribbon Quilt, by Lisa Campbell Ernst. Even thought it was published in 1983, I think it’s a classic. The cover gives the reader a clue that it is an old-fashined story.

One day Sam Johnson finds a hole in his blanket, and successfully, patches it up. He shows off his beautiful work to his wife Sarah, who is a quilter, and she is not all that impressed. Sam decides to learn how to quilt, and falls in love with it, much like a lot of people we know, lol. 

He asks his wife’s quilting bee if he can join, and they say, “no.” Sam finds some other men who try quilting, enjoy it, and they form a men’s quilting bee.
 Both bees decide to enter their quilts into a competition at the state fair.

The men work hard on their Flying Geese quilt.

The women work hard on their sailboats quilt. At first they think the men’s bee is silly, and men can’t really quilt. After a few weeks, they begin to doubt their original thoughts.

The day of the fair, both bees travel to the fair in different horse drawn carts. A big gush of wind topples the carts over and damages both quilts. So what do you think both bees decide to do?  SPOILER BELOW.

They feverishly work together and re-stitch the parts they could save and create the Flying Sailboats Quilt.

And together, they win the blue ribbon.

Happy Quilting!!  And enjoy the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Sam Johnson and The Blue Ribbon Quilt

  1. Meant to tell you that I had many teachers who used this book! One teacher incorporated quilting in her math lessons (2nd grade); and also for non traditional gender roles! Love it…several other books with quilts in the plot, too like The Quiltmaker's Gift and The Keeping Quilt by Polacco and The Quilt Story by dePaola….
    Thanks for sharing!!


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