Two Great Sales for Quilters and Sewists.

A quick post, newsflash to let you know about two great sales. 

First is the bi-yearly sale at the Cotton Patch Quilt Shop,

Twice a year this brick and mortar store offers a different daily deal on the most common notions we use, and love to stock up on. You can participate online very easily, by following the directions on their website. For example, today is needle day. Sewing machine needles, regular needles and related items are on sale just today. All you have to do is call or place your order by e-mail. They put it aside for you until they sale ends, and mail it too you for one shipping price.

Christa, from Christa Quilts,
is closing her shop, not her amazing blog, and will be involved in more quilting activities than ever. She is so full of enthusiasm and energy. I read her blog everyday. Her last 500 items are on sale.

More to come this week. Stay tuned.

Happy bargain shopping.


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