What’s Trending in Quilt Fabrics

I always like to see what’s trending in fabric. So what am I seeing a lot of this Spring? 

Chevrons – More than ever. They are clearly a go-to choice for quilters.

Solids – When I began quilting 20 years ago, I was taught to use solids to bridge the colors and patterns together in my quilts. They were usually the last choice to bring all the fabrics together.  We’ve made a 180 since then.
Solids are often now what a whole quilt is made of, and are not necessarily treated as a complimentary choice. 

Dots – They are everywhere also, and quilters can’t seem to get enough of them.

Pearl Bracelets – This pattern seems like another favorite go-to for stashing fabric.

Peach Tones – I am not seeing as much orchid as I would have thought. Pantone named the color of the season. I am seeing a lot of peach.

Umbrellas – I’m seeing a lot of umbrella themed fabric in mixed colors and black and white.

Foreign Stamps and Scenes – Lot’s of great 1930’s and 1940’s scenes and stamps from that era, in colors and black and white. They generally feature Paris, London, etc.

Pirates – Children’s picture books has experienced a huge popularity spike, and run for the last three or so years. Now I am seeing them show up in mainly juvenile fabrics, but not solely.

Fruits and Vegetables – They have always been popular. I’m seeing lots that have that 1930’s twist to it.
If you find something that you notice either in fabric prints, or colors, please leave a comment in my comment box below.  Thanks. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting!!

2 thoughts on “What’s Trending in Quilt Fabrics

  1. Good observation. I haven't seen them as much in quilt patterns, as in fabrics. I love that text graphic in fabrics. It can be used as a contrast piece of fabric in a quilt, a blender, or to pull the colors of fabrics used in a quilt together. Really limitlessness options. Thanks for weighing in, Emily.


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