Great Deals – List of Online and Brick and Mortar Stores with Good Sales – Part 1

About six months ago, I posted 28 fabric resources, which included brick & mortar stores and online fabric stores that offer great deals. Let’s be honest, we quilters all love fabric, and building stash can get pricey. I am a very careful spender, and I love a good bargain.

One method that helps me is to subscribe to these newsletters of fabric resources by e-mail. When they are having a sale, and some have daily and weekly specials, a newsletter telling you what’s on sale and when, comes right into my inbox.

Some online fabric stores offer point systems. After purchasing a certain amount from some of these resources, you can earn a credit of $10, (this is just an example). An important caveat; When purchasing fabric online find out what their return policy is. Sometimes the photo will look great on your computer, but not when you open the package and audition it with other fabrics you may be planning to use for a project. 

Some offer a screen where the buyer can audition choices on it. Because many of the online shops sell in 1/4, 1/2 yard or 1 yard increments, they will take the fabric back as long as it hasn’t been removed from the packaging. The same goes with pre-cuts. If the online shop doesn’t state their return policy on their web site, contact them by e-mail and ask. 

I am always updating this list, and will post it every six months. If you have a recommendation, please leave it my comment box. In no particular order, here we go….  

1. – Good sale opportunities every week. They specialize in Moda pre-cuts. 

2. – A wide variety of fabric choices. Lots of great sales and offers. Impeccable customer service. They offer an ongoing sale a lower price increments. This is both a brick & mortar store, in Milpitas, CA, and an online fabric store. 

3. – Nice assortment of contemporary and modern fabrics.

4. – Stumbled upon this shop and was amazed at how much they offer. The customer service is outstanding.  

5. – Have been a fan of theirs for a long time. The offer lots of great sales and deals each week. Outstanding customer service. 

6. – Great variety of fabrics. They offer an ongoing sale a lower price increments, everyday.

7. – Huge variety of fabrics. Great customer service and return policy. 

8. – Specializes in very hip, retro fabrics. Prices are kept low, and specials and coupons are offered. Customer service is good. No returns on fabrics, except if the shop made an error in the order, and must be addressed within three days. Check their FAQ page. 

9. – Wide variety of fabrics, fairly priced. Web Sale Fabrics and really well priced. 

10. – A lot of good deals on fabric. If you become a yearly member, you receive fabulous discounts on fabrics all year. 

11. – A great and very large variety of fabrics from many manufacturers at great prices. 

13. – Lots of good sales. They offer a lay-a-way plan. 

14. – Features lots of designers and various types of textiles; not just cotton. 

More later this week…..

Happy shopping and Happy Quilting!!


2 thoughts on “Great Deals – List of Online and Brick and Mortar Stores with Good Sales – Part 1

  1. Good Morning: This isn't for sales but I wanted to tell you about; located in Durham, NC they will print anything you send them onto fabric. The site has lots and lots of different themed fabrics from ideas folks have sent them. They print on several different fabrics, and you can get anything from fat quarter up. For someone who is looking for a special fabric that you won't find anywhere else I highly recommend them. Our modern quilt guild did a field trip there last year and they showed us the whole process. They ship all over the world.
    And they will also print your ideas on wrapping paper or wallpaper. It's really cool. I'm thinking of doing a Japanese anime themed quilt for my older son and will definitely use them for this.


  2. Hi – Thanks for suggesting them. I know they are pretty fabulous, and I have been following them.
    They have been, and will be in my six month list, coming soon, of how and where to find out-of-print fabrics list. Modern Yardage is also similar to them. I may put them on both lists. And SewHappins is in part 2 for the current list of good places to find good fabric deals which will post tomorrow.


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