Stretching Quilt and Blog Skills

I am always considering, what can I offer my readers in my next blog post and in the future? How can I improve it? And, how can I continue to grow as I quilter? 

As a blogger, I know I don’t have any real photography experience. My husband has been a great help to me during this first year. He knows what he’s doing behind a camera, and how to compose and style what I would like photographed.

As a quilter, I am very interested in learning how to design new quilt tops, and possibly even fabric designs. Right now I am just focusing on quilt top designs, because I don’t want to become overwhelmed.

I am good at imagining the design of a quilt top, and am good at pencil rendering.  

So, I’ve been thinking; Where do I go from here?  Many quilters ask themselves these, and similar questions.

Today I registered at our local community college for a digital photography class beginning on June 30th.  It’s very intensive, and meets twice a week for five weeks. Six hours a week in the classroom. 

I did this with a goal in mind which is to improve my photography skills not only for my blog, but for taking photos in general. For the most part, I’ve used my iPhone 4S, which is not so terrible.  But I did decide to purchase a reasonably priced digital camera.


Nickon Coolpix L820

About two months ago I took a basic drawing class online through Creativebug,
Lisa Congdon was a great teacher. I learned how to doodle, which loosened me up.

Goofy Doodles that led to loosening up and some fun little sketches.


Cat in a flower pot (above).

 Cat sleeping (above).

And a few weeks ago, I created my first quilt block design. Of course, I am excited to share it, but I need to sew a few prototype blocks from my sketches.  Then I can’t wait to make a sample in a small size first.

Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting!!

4 thoughts on “Stretching Quilt and Blog Skills

  1. Thanks. I am going to write a post about it, and what finally motivated me to do it by the end of June. I am trying to find out if I need to copyright it before I show it.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Thanks. I am excited to do both. What's so great about all of this is that there always seems to be something new to challenge myself with, which I learned from my first mentor in the big world of business in NYC. I will be forever grateful to that supervisor and mentor.

    Have a great weekend!!


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