Welcome to the New Blogger’s Blog Hop – 2014

It’s very exciting to participate in the New Blogger’s Blog Hop this year. I started this blog almost a year ago to date. On June 6th, it will be my first blogaversary, and I have learned so much about quilting and blogging during this time.

The most amazing part of this journey has been the kindness and support of complete strangers who are quilters and bloggers from all over the country, and internationally. I can’t wait to meet some of my new friends in person at The Chicago Quilt Festival or at Fall Quilt Market in Houston.

I began quilting on October 8, 1994. Why do I know this exact date?  Because later that day I met my wonderful husband!! 

I began taking quilting classes at a local quilt shop. My first project was a hand quilted pillow. Then I learned how to machine piece, machine and hand applique and machine quilt. I still love to hand quilt some pieces, because I find it so relaxing. Others are definitely meant to machine quilt. I am now beginning to design my own quilts, and hope to publish a book someday.

My favorite tips I learned when I first began quilting, and still are;

1. There are no quilting police.

2. A mistake is not a mistake. It is an opportunity to learn something new and elevate your skills and creativity level.

My favorite example;

I was almost finished with a beautiful little quilt. I accidentally made a hole in it with my scissors.  I was so upset. But I remembered number 2.  And I appliqued a little butterfly over the hole which looked great. It gave the quilt an original twist. Everyone commented more on how cute and unexpected the butterfly was than the quilt.

These are a few of the quilts I’ve made over the years;

Honoring The Seasons
 Honoring The Seasons – A close up of a block

Show Off Pattern – Dedicated to our Cat Biscuit

 Double Nine Patch – Dedicated to My Husband  (Emma’s Tail Peeking Out)

 Attic Windows Pattern – Dedicated to Our Cat Emma

My favorite blogging tips are;

1. This is a very image oriented blogging genre, much like food and travel blogs. Images support your content, more so than the other way around.

2. Taking a risk in quilt blogging is a lot easier than with more serious blogs that discuss politics or health care reform.  We are lucky!!  Take advantage of the fact.

A Little Bit About Me

I live with my husband and two adorable cats; Biscuit and Emma who regularly appear in blog posts. I have three great step-children and two grandchildren.

Biscuit and Emma

My Favorite color – Yellow.

Favorite vacation spot so far – Maui, Hawaii.

Favorite Movies – “Cinema Paradiso,” “The Sound of Music,” “The Notebook” and “The Run-a-Way Bride.”

Favorite BooksA Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Ann Barrows.

Favorite Musicians – The Beatles, Billy Joel, Phil Collins and Miles Davis.

One thing most people don’t know about me – I climbed to the top of 

El Capitan at Yosemite National Park.

There are many other fascinating and talented new quilt bloggers participating in this blog hop. Please stop by and visit their blogs for more information, inspiration and fun.

Sarah @ Smiles Too Loudly

Vera @ Negligent Style

Michelle @ Michelle Bartholomew

Katie @ Good Golly Ginger

Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs

Jana @ Jana Machado 

Karin @ Leigh Laurel Studios

Kim @ Ties That Bind Quilting


Yvonne @ Quilting Jet Girl

I would really like to hear from you – Please leave a comment in my comment box telling me;

1. What draws you to keep reading a blog or subscribe to it?

2. When you see a quilt, what makes you say, “Wow?”

Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

Creating and making a quilt is a very gratifying experience. Blogging is challenging and creates the opportunity to learn and meet other incredible people in the quilting community. I love being on this journey.

Happy Quilting and enjoy the journey!!


68 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Blogger’s Blog Hop – 2014

  1. I love seeing quilts with intricate quilting because I am not there yet and bright pretty colors! 🙂 I love that you know your quilt start date and that you meet your hubby on the same day! What an awesome day!


  2. You made my day. Thank you. Have a great weekend, and if you can stop by my next post, because there is a great give-a-way to celebrate my first blogaversary!!


  3. I love your butterfly story! I picked up the Guernsey book at a used book store last summer and loved it. I'm drawn to blogs where the writer shares some of her life, not just her quilts, and where she's willing to point out and laugh at some of her mistakes rather than only showing everything that worked out perfectly. Congratulations on you blogging anniversary.


  4. You met your husband and started quilting on the same day? Goodness!
    I struggle to sensibly answer your two questions. I don't think I can give a clear answer to either, other than 'the vibe of the thing'! I find it fascinating how my friends love one quilt/fabric/pattern when I am drawn to another.


  5. Yes. That was a great day I'd say. I agree with you. I am in a quilting clinic on Friday mornings with a group of nice women and excellent quilters. There are about 6 of us which have been coming for a long time. As much as I admire everyone's work, there are only 2 of which seem to have similar taste. It's all so subjective. In all these years, I have never bought polka dot fabric or worn anything with them since I was a child. I bought a dress for a bridal shower I am going to next weekend. And you guessed it….I fell in love with a polka dot dress! Go figure.


  6. Glad you liked the butterfly story. Excellent point about laughing at your mistakes. And it's about how the quilter, “saves the day” when she or he makes a mistake. Thanks for your good wishes about the blogaversary!!


  7. That Honouring the Seasons quilt is fantastic! I usually am drawn to colour, so if the colours are bright and pleasing to me, I'll take a second look or linger.


  8. Biscuit and Emma are beautiful cats. If you find a way to not have a cat in your indoor quilt photos, please let me know! LOL! Great job tackling El Capitan. I've just finished a book on the San Andreas fault and it's reminded me of how beautiful the California geography is. Nice to meet you!


  9. Nice to meet you too. Thank you for your lovely response. Biscuit and Emma are also the sweetest cats. I get a lot done when they are sleeping, especially in another room. Sometimes have to lay out my squares on the floor and number them before I put the quilt together. I have a flannel layout that I can hang on the wall, and cats don't seem to care about that. So look into buying one, because it's worth it. Mine is too small for the quilt I am working on now. Hope to see you on the blog more often.


  10. I think color is what often makes me say wow when I first see a quilt. Then I really start to dive in an look at everything else. I'm also a sucker for really cute applique. I love that you started quilting and met your husband on the same day. What a life change!


  11. It was one of my best days ever!! My wedding day is kind of a tie. I love cute applique too. I am really getting into machine applique. I've done a lot of hand applique. Thanks for stopping by.


  12. Happy belated blogging anniversary! I love how you remember the date of when you started quilting. That is such a cute story. Quilts that make me say “wow” are typically when there is an unexpected element or a unique color palette. So nice getting to know you a little better. I especially like your honoring the seasons quilt. It is gorgeous!


  13. Thanks, Michelle. It's always great to hear from you. It's nice getting to know you better too. That is a great quilt. It took a long, long, long time to make it. Thanks for your responses.


  14. Hi Anne, stopping by from the first week of the tour (I'm still trying to catch up!). Great intro post and some beautiful quilts. I love your attitude about turning mistakes into learning moments. I need to remember that at times. I, too, have a cat named Emma. She's a beautiful long haired gray cat (her mother was a Russian Blue so sometimes she looks silver). What keeps me reading a blog is ultimately content. If it's interesting to me, I keep reading. Nice photos of quilt projects (and the occasional cat) also help.


  15. I must have missed you in all of links back in early June. I had never considered before how much freer we are to take risks as quilt bloggers, but it seems very true. What kind of risks do you think we should take?


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