King Size WIP

The top of my Show Off quilt is finally finished – 90 blocks later!!

Yes, it is king size, and I still have the borders to add!!  There are supposed to be three of them, each 2 1/2″, and corner stones. However, when I decided to do this as a set, and I made this pattern for a single size quilt, I made one 6 1/2″ border, and skipped the cornerstones. I felt with the cornerstones, it looked too busy, and distracted from the fabrics. And I feel the same way with this one too.

This is a close-up, and the photo doesn’t do the fabrics justice. The focal fabric is floral Moda I bought years ago, and saved for a project, someday. I will take a better photo of it and post it, because it is stunning. (Tomorrow I start my digital photography class at our local community college).

I wish I had more of that floral, and did try to find some through my out-of-print sources, but even a Moda representative said, something like “Wow, that’s an old fabric, but a good one.”

So I am making two borders; one with a yellow and white fabric that picks up the center of those beautiful flowers. The outer border will finish up what’s left of the purple fabric used here.

Only one other king size quilt in the pipeline, and then I will be focusing on lap, single and double size quilts for a long time!!

I don’t know how many of you are following the World Cup. I am not a big sports fan. Somehow, I have gotten really caught up in it and am enjoying it. Let me know who you think will win, or if you are enjoying it and why.

Have a great week, and Happy Quilting!!  

5 thoughts on “King Size WIP

  1. I just got approached to make a King size quilt… we'll see if we can agree on it, but whew! they are so big and a lot of work! 🙂 Congrats on so much progress on this top, and I look forward to seeing how the borders look with it.


  2. Hi Anne, I bet you're proud of your king! I know it takes a lot, but I think everyone should make a king once in life! I love the colors, love. Are you going to quilt it yourself? About World Cup, well I'm Brazilian and I'm not into the soccer thing either, but the lastest games were crazy and made me suffer a bit to see who was going to win!


  3. Hi Jana, So the U.S. is now out of the World Cup. So whoever wins, is fine with me as long as it's a fair game.
    Thank you for your compliments on the quilt top. I am bringing it to my quilt group tonight. I absolutely love it. It is good to make at least one king size at some point in a person's quilting career. I think I have made too many and need to go smaller. We use them as a quilt and a bed spread on a Queen Sized bed so it has a double purpose. But after this one and my scrappy Pick and Mix, I'm going to do single sized ones for a while.


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