Earliest Sewing Memory

My first memory of using a sewing machine was during Home Economics in seventh grade, which was in the late 60’s. I sharing this personal story because Jennifer @ Little Black Cat Quilting posted about her first memory of using a sewing machine today. 

Coincidentally, last night, at a Fourth of July party, a friend from middle school reminded me of Mrs. Chantilly’s sewing class, which I had completely forgotten about. We were required to sew a simple A line skirt using a sewing machine, which she taught us to use. Or so she thought.

Some of us were not so great at mastering sewing machine skills. Our skirts didn’t look like something we would even wear for a Halloween costume, and we never touched a sewing machine again. 

For me I decided I had to learn to quilt in 1994, which of course included using a sewing machine. It was many years after seventh grade sewing class. Fortunately, I forgot about that middle school class. But when I threaded my sewing machine in 1994, I remembered how to do it. I felt very proud. The bobbin part, not so much.

I wish I could show Mrs. Chantilly what I’m capable of now. Thanks to my friend Nancy for reminding me of our disastrous skirts. We had a lot of good laughs about that memory. And thank you to Jennifer @ little  black cat quilting for writing about her first experience with a sewing machine too.

By the way, Monday, July 6th is international kissing day. Just a fun fact I heard on the evening news tonight. Make sure you share kisses with all your loved ones, pets included.

Lots of WIP’s this week, so stay tuned. Happy Quilting!!

2 thoughts on “Earliest Sewing Memory

  1. Home ec class is the first place I sewed a project for myself, too. I probably sat at a sewing machine at home with my mom before then, but I at least got through a project on my own because of that class. Sounds like you had a lovely 4th with friends. 🙂


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