Quilt Block – Something’s Missing

Firstly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! 

Have you ever made a quilt block or quilt, and felt like something was missing? That’s what happened to me after I made this block for our guild’s quilt. Fortunately, my block isn’t due until Sunday.

I was given the solid fabrics; teal blue, bright, light green and olive green. I could make anything I wanted. I could add fabrics from my stash – contrasting fabrics were encouraged. The only requirement was that it just had to be a 12 X 12 finished block. I added the orange fabric.

The pattern was from Tula Pink’s book, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. I used block 64, and then changed it up. 

As it hung on my fabric wall for a few days, I didn’t get that “good” feeling I usually do about my work. I wasn’t loving it. To me, it looked. blah. It needed some kind of pop.

So I decided to applique a heart on it.

I’m glad I listened to my intuition, because now I think it looks just right!!

Happy Quilting!!