Hudson Valley Quilts will be back up on Thursday

This has not been my week when it comes to computer blog issues. Last week I tried to post a review of an old fashioned picture book for National Library Week about quilting and working together. But it wasn’t posting properly for viewers. 

I found out that Google Blogger only provides users with only 20 blog pages, which are longer than a standard legal-sized page. And, no one, including Google shares this with the user, until it’s too late. You can’t even pay for more pages. 

There is a way around it, and I can’t tell you how many tutorials I read, and Utube videos I watched to figure my way around this. I don’t get stumped easily, but I am.

Those who know me really know that I have two pet-peeves; when my computer has a glitch that I can’t resolve myself, and people who are rude.
Fortunately, Erin from Designer Blogs, who was not rude at all, is coming to my rescue tomorrow. Yay!!

I am thinking seriously about changing this blog over to WordPress. Before I do, I will write an appropriate letter or e-mail to the right person at google.

If you are a WordPress user, please write in the comments box below or e-mail me at and let me know your thoughts about your experiences with it. Thank you.

Looking forward to posting on Thursday night or Friday!!