Last week was a very busy week, and I forgot to mention a brick and mortar store that has saved me in the past with an out-of-print fabric. The Cotton Patch Quilt Shop in University Park, Florida, which I found during a vacation this past February when we were checking out Bradentown, Florida. The shop was fabulous. 

When I came home, I signed up for their newsletter, see Well, they have incredible sales. One was 10 days of a sale, which if you live out of town, and I do, they offered a great incentive. They featured various notions each day. Some I bought, because I needed them, and some I already had. (I am budget conscious, and will post in the future some tips about how to buy stash and notions, without breaking the bank). 

They kept track of my order, (and other out-of-towners), and at the end of the 10 days, mailed the order for just one shipping price. Now that’s a great bargain!!