How to Build Your Stash Without Breaking Your Budget – Part 5 & 6

Almost Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am combining Part 5 and Part 6 of How to Build Your Stash Without Breaking Your Budget. Why am I doing that? Because I cannot believe how many Black Friday and Cyber Monday fabric sales I am finding right in my inbox. I would rather share this information with you today, so you can take advantage of these great deals. I will be!!

I generally have my main focal fabrics, which I know will be determining my colorway. Stephanie Ryan, a designer from Moda, has recently come out with a line of fabrics called Modern Roses, which I love.
This link from shows the entire line; I know those large roses will be those focal fabrics.

If I am going to use a boarder, and sometimes I don’t for a more modern look, I will choose fabrics that contrast with the main fabrics, because they are the star of the show. Boarder fabrics will often be a fabric that has more volume or brightness or less volume and brightness than those main fabrics. Sometimes they will be solids, because the quilting on them will really shine on that solid color.

I choose binding fabrics that are not directional, because it is hard to make the seams line up for the continuous pattern look. I go with small prints that pick up lots of colors to bring the colors in the quilt together. For me, as I look at fabric bolts or fabric samples I can usually tell the colors in the print will bring out lots of colors in the quilt. Sometimes I use the same fabric for binding, as I do for the backing, which creates a nice pulled together look on the back of the quilts.

Backing fabric is often sold in widths of 104″ or 108″. This makes it easier for the quilter, who won’t have to cut and sew large pieces of fabric together to make the back.

So to stretch your fabric purchasing power, keep your eyes out for online and in brick & mortar stores for fabrics that fit those needs.

Fabric Stores – Brick and Mortar and Online a P.S.

Yesterday I posted 27, (now 28), stores that offer great discounts and deals. And to make it easy, all you need to do is visit them and sign up for their newsletters, and the deals come right to your inbox. I am adding one more to the list, and will add more every six months. So here we go…. 

List of Online and Brick & Mortar Stores That Have Great Deals and Sales – Great choice of contemporary bundles, and solid fabrics. Can shop by designer or colors. Fairly priced. – (Also called Surly Sheep). Nice assortments of color wheels options. Five-piece bundles start a $6.00. Also carries clothing patterns. They sell from Etsy and from their own web site. – Nice assortment of contemporary fabrics. Can be purchased through Etsy. – Wide choice of fabrics, pattern and notions. Lots of choices, and sales. Modern and contemporary fabrics. – A wide variety of fabric at amazing prices. Free shipping for orders over $50. – A wide variety of fabric choices. Lots of sales and offers. – Huge selection of fabrics. Great sales, a monthly fabric clubs. Every season they offer a retreat. – Stumbled upon this shop and was amazed at how much they offer. The customer service is outstanding. – Have been a fan of theirs for a long time. The offer lots of great sales and deals of the week. – Discovered them recently. They have a lovely selection of fabrics and good sales and features. – Large variety of contemporary fabrics. Owner donates 1% of net sales to various charities. – Good sale opportunities, especially with Moda and Riley Blake pre-cuts. – Great variety of fabrics. – Huge variety of fabrics. Great customer service and return policy. – Great weekly specials. I spoke to her earlier this week, and she is dissolving her online fabric store over the next 6 months, in order to create more time to challenge herself in new areas in the quilting world. – Specializes in very hip, retro fabrics. Prices are kept low, and specials and coupons are offered. Customer service is good. No returns on fabrics, except if the shop made an error in the order, and must be addressed within three days. Check their FAQ page. – Specializes in art gallery fabrics. – Modern fabric sold through Etsy. – Wide variety of fabrics, fairly priced. Web Sale Fabrics and really well priced. – A lot of good deals on fabric. If you become a yearly member, you receive fabulous discounts on fabrics all year. – A great, almost exhaustive variety of fabrics from many manufacturers at great prices. – Lots of good sales. They offer a lay-a-way plan. – Great variety of fabrics and designers. Prices are very reasonable. – Fair prices and a nicely priced clearance center. – Great fabric selection and prices. – Features lots of designers and various types of textiles; not just cotton. – Wide variety of contemporary and modern fabrics. Only sold through Etsy. – Huge variety of fabrics and other items, including embellishments. 

Have a great weekend!!