Re-Purposing Scrap Fabric; A Block for a Modern Quilt Guild Memory

I am really happy I joined the Modern Quilt Guild of Hudson Valley at the beginning of this summer. The members are terrific, fun, kind and are challenging me. I am loving Modern Quilting,and learning so much. The contemporary fabrics and quilt designs are challenging my thought process, and giving me so many new ideas for things I want to make. 

I made a postage stamp block for one of the members today, using my scraps. The only request was that we had to use one strip of 2 1/2 X 16 inch fabric, and it had to be red.  Here’s the color palette I chose;


Then I realized I needed six strips. It’s a good thing I noticed that before doing the next step, which was to sew the long sides together, right sides together, creating a tube. So I added some green.

After I sewed the tube, I cut it into 6, 2 1/2″ units, and open them carefully with a seam ripper. Then I sewed all six strips together to make the postage stamp block.

And, the block came out looking good. There is a tutorial on uTube, and I will post that in case anyone wants to try it. On Saturday, it will be in the mail on it’s way to become a beautiful quilt.

On Monday I will post Part 2 of Building Your Fabric Stash Without Breaking Your Budget.  And I think we have a special fabric give-a-way planned with Cuts of Cotton in honor of Veteran’s Day.  Have a great weekend!!