Great Deals – List of Online and Brick and Mortar Stores with Great Sales – Part 2

About six months ago, I posted 28 fabric resources, which included brick & mortar stores and online fabric stores that offer great deals. Let’s be honest, we quilters all love fabric, and building stash can get pricey. I am a very careful spender, and I love a good bargain.

One method that helps me is, to subscribe to the newsletters of these fabric resources by e-mail. When they are having a sale, and some have daily and weekly specials, a newsletter telling you what’s on sale and when, comes right into my inbox.

Some online fabric stores offer point systems, or loyalty programs. After purchasing a certain amount from some of these resources, you can earn a credit of $10, (this is just an example). An important caveat; When purchasing fabric online find out what their return policy is. Sometimes the photo will look great on your computer, but not when you open the package at home, and audition it with other fabrics you may be planning to use for a project. 

Some offer a screen where the buyer can audition choices on it. Because many of the online shops sell in 1/4yard, 1/2 yard or 1 yard increments, they will take the fabric back as long as it hasn’t been removed from the packaging. The same goes with pre-cuts. If the online shop doesn’t state their return policy on their web site, contact them by e-mail and ask. 

I am always updating this list, and will post it every six months. If you have a recommendation, please leave it my comment box. This is Part 2 of the list. In no particular order, here we go….  

1. – This is a wonderful etsy shop, specializing in Japanese and contemporary fabrics. They carry fabrics that are fun, have quirky text driven prints, and are strong on the basics. They keep prices low and have ongoing sales. The owner will put together custom orders, and she is very gifted at that.

2. – A huge selection of fabrics covering all genres. 
They offer ongoing sales at 20% – 50%, under the “Thrifty Deals” category. There are also great savings offered each week.   

3. – Huge selection of fabrics including home dec., notions, crafts, etc. Sales happen a few times a week. Great customer service. I have returned fabric to them, and they are kind and courteous.

4. – Great choice of basics, including bundles, prints and solid fabrics. Good prices and weekly sales. They are currently on a short maternity leave. Look forward to their return!!

5. – Wide choice of fabrics, patterns and notions. Lots of good sales. They offer daily sales, and have a loyalty program which includes five options. They have continuing sales at 10%-50% off, and there are always great deals.

6. – Always a wide variety of fabrics at great prices. Besides offering low costs on fabrics and notions, they always have something on sale. Free shipping on purchases of $50 or more.

7. – A large variety of all types of fabrics and good sales. Check out the “Bargain Shed” for ongoing sales at price points between 20% – 50%, $4.50, and remnants. They offer a lay-a-way plan.

8. – Great variety of fabrics and designers. Prices are very reasonable. Regular sales and end of bolt sales.

9. – Good selection of fabrics and pre-cuts. They have a loyalty program based on the amount the customer spends. Points can be used for gift certificates and future purchases. This is an online shop that is just about a year old. I am very impressed by their high level of customer service and knowledge. Can’t wait to see more of them.

10. – Recently this online store was recommended to me by someone in my quilting group who I think has fabulous taste. They have a great assortment of contemporary and modern fabrics. There is an ongoing sale at increments of 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, and 75%. How consumer oriented is that?  AND, they offer 5% off on orders of $50 or more everyday. They have a brick & mortar store in Paso Robles, CA, called Birch Fabrics/Fabric Worm. Check out the FAQ’s. You can purchase three swatches for a minimal fee, before you make a commitment. *

11. – In January I visited this brick & mortar store in Wilmington, NC, and interviewed one of the owners, Sarah Devens. variety and selection is nothing short of spectacular. They have great sales and end of bolt sales. Fabulous customer service.

12. – A brick & mortar store, and online fabric store in Fullerton, NE. The selection is strong, especially in 1930’s and 1940’s reproduction fabrics. The owner, who is so kind and customer service oriented, put together several custom jelly rolls of those reproduction fabrics for me. She used fabrics I’ve never seen before, and that are perfect for the project I had in mind. 

13. – This is a brick & mortar store and online fabric store. Huge selection of fabrics. They offer great ongoing sales and special sales, as well as great monthly fabric clubs. Don’t forget to check out the “Sale Fabric,” category. They also offer a retreat every season.

14. – They have a lovely selection of fabrics and good sales. The ongoing sales are also good, and periodic sales are offered to purchasers by creating an account with them, and signing up for their newsletter. Check out their loyalty program, and the tab for $6.00 and under for some really good buys.

15. – Great selection of modern, contemporary and juvenile fabrics. Great prices and sales. The owner will put together custom orders.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the following two fabric resources, because they are both so good at what they do. You may not find big bargains there, but you will find that they offer a custom online fabric service. This means that if you create your own fabric designs, they will print it for you for a fee that this blogger feels is fair value.
16. – This custom online fabric and wallpaper shop is rather unique, and is fun. They offer some fabrics at various price increments, which are very contemporary and modern. Spoonflower will also create fabric, from your own designs, or create an out of print fabric, and respect copyright fees. The pricing depends on what you order, so read the web site and FAQ’s carefully. They offer a lot, and provide excellent customer service.

17. – This online fabric store also offers to make fabric from your own designs. See “custom designs” tab. They carry a variety of fabrics produced by designers as well, but they are sold at regular market prices.

*Omition from Monday’s post. Fabric Shack offers swatches before buying too. They provide five for free.