Finished Quilt

I finally finished this single-sized bed quilt!! 

The pattern was easy to put together. I decided to hand quilt it using the bishop fan pattern. 

This close-up makes it easy to see a square and the detail of the hand quilting. It took about a year to quilt it by hand.

Many of these fabrics I bought years ago and have been in my stash for a long time, especially the fabric with the little hearts, which I used for the backing.
Because it is a directional fabric, I was a bit picky about where I would use it.

I dedicated this quilt to Emma our cat. I have dedicated a quilt to our other two cats, Josie and Biscuit as well. One of my early quilt teachers told me she did that and I thought is was a lovely thought. 

Sometimes the cats will lie on them. Sometimes we display them on this stand. If one of them has come home from a difficult visit with vet or isn’t feeling well, I create a circular nest with the quilt around him or her while they are resting.

And of course we use these quilts for snuggling under on the couch while watching TV or reading too.

I will photograph all three outside when the weather gets better and post them, but that isn’t going to happen too soon.

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Happy Quilting!!

Lighthouse Quilt – Finished

I finally finished the Lighthouse quilt. I am so excited, and can’t wait to wrap it up and send it to Chicago. My cousin had a baby boy on March 12, 2014, and that is who is going to have sweet dreams under this 100% cotton quilt. It will certainly keep him toasty during those cold months in the Windy City. It’s important to me that the quilts I make will stand up to a washer and dryer.

This quilt was designed by Faith Jones, who sponsored a quilt-a-long of Fresh Lemon Quilts 

I changed it a bit to make it my own, and customized it for my cousin’s family and the baby. I decided to make the middle block a yellow lighthouse with the brightest light as the beacon on Lake Michigan. One of Faith’s beautiful samples was in a rainbow color order, but this one isn’t. And my colors are not all solid, and some have a pattern in the fabric.

I machine quilted this, by first sewing in the ditch. In the light spaces, I stippled using free-motion quilting. We couldn’t get a good photo of the stippling from the front, but you can see it quite well on the back.

When I thought about the backing, I wanted to try something I had never done before.  I decided to split the fabric into 1/3 and 2/3rds. Then I stacked random fabrics to bring the two pieces of the back together.

Some of the choices in the stack were intentional. The fabric with the music notes represents the family’s love of music. The paw prints fabric is for their large poodle, Dixie.

My cousin is from Texas, which is why I picked the western cowboy fabric to use for the inscription, date of birth, date of completion and where it was made. 

My cousin’s husband is from England. So adding a patch with Paddington Bear was essential.


I enjoyed making this quilt, and can’t wait for it to be delivered to a new, sweet boy who is part of our family. I wish for him healthy and happy life.