My 12 Little Dirty Quilting Secrets – Quilter’s Challenge

I admit that I too, have a few of these. And since so many quilters are blogging about it, which now seems like our version of the Ice Bucket Challenge, I step up to this challenge too. 

Amy over at 13 Spools, The Cute Life was first post I read who wrote about her quilting, dirty little secrets, and has started a trend.

1. I sew over my pins, except when I am at Pins and Needles on Friday mornings at quilt clinic. When I forget, Lisa or Deb always remind me.

2. I love to hand sew my binding to the back of the quilt when I finish. 

3. I want to participate in more linky parties, tried once with Freshly Pieced Quilts, and am still not sure it’s as easy as that. I feel like I am missing a step. Is it just a virtual show and tell? (If anyone wants to answer that, please comment in my comment box below, and thanks). 

4. I am not a big Aurafil fan. I love Presensia. 

5. I used to baste with thread which took hours, but now prefer basting with safety pins.

6. I can stand color bleeding. Except for pre-cuts, I wash all my fabric in the machine, sometimes twice if it’s red, pink, purple, etc. to be sure the colors won’t bleed after the quilt is made. I always put a white rag or old white sock in the second washing to make sure that color doesn’t seep onto the white. If it does, I will wash it again until it doesn’t bleed anymore.

7. Somehow, I can’t get all my seams on the back of the top to iron in the same way so it will all be flat. (I keep trying). 

8. I can’t stand paper piecing, because I am dyslexic, lefty. 

9. I always listen to the radio, play CD’s or have the TV on in the background when I quilt. Food TV network’s, “Chopped,” and HGTV’s “The Property Brothers” are my favorites.

10. I am, oh so not a Hexie fan either. Other quilters do a lovely job with it, but it is not my thing.

11. Before starting a quilt, and especially before machine quilting i wind a lot of bobbins to make sure I don’t run out. I really dislike stopping in the middle to wind more bobbins.

12. I sat on my seam ripper once, and ended up with 4 stitches in my right thigh. 

Please feel free to share yours.  It is a lot of fun.