Pantone Home Dec Colors for Spring 2014

This topic, the colors Pantone shows on their web site,, for each season, is always something I look forward to. One of the many reasons is that they show images, including quilts of how they can be used them in your home.

And here they are;

pantone spring 2014 colors

Please read the entire article, because although, the visual above reads; “Fashion Color Report Spring 2014 Women’s Colors,” you will see how these colors are used in home dec.

I’ve heard a lot about the Radiant Orchid being a hot color. I am surprised and pleased to see the Dazzling Blue, because I love that color.  I have a little nickname for it, and refer it as “The Sofia Vergara Blue.” Do you ever notice how often she wears it because she looks absolutely stunning in it? 

But I have to say I have used it in quilting for contrast to some of the softer colors including the pastels and neutrals, as seen in the palette above. 

The one thing I recommend is always audition colors together, before you cut and sew. Sometimes I let it sit on my worktable for a few days, and go back each day to edit, until my gut feeling tells me, “Now that works!!”

Have fun color experimenting, and Happy Quilting!!