Interview and Fabric Give-a-Way from Emily Kennedy of Cuts of Cotton

An Interview with Emily Kennedy, Owner of Cuts of Cotton

1. How long have you been sewing, and what got you interested in sewing/quilting? Were there other quilters/sewists in your family? 

I first started about 16 years ago, when I graduated from college. I wanted to have custom pillows, bedding, window treatments, etc. in my first apartment, but knew that sewing them myself would be much cheaper than having them made. So, I asked for a sewing machine from my grandmother as a graduation present, and pretty much taught myself. That lasted for about a year. I then loaned my machine to a friend, who did much more sewing than I did at the time, and that was the end of sewing for me for a while. 

When I got married a few years ago, the same “itch” came back – to decorate my house. This time I decided it might be wise to take a few lessons, so I signed up for an Intro to Sewing class at what was, Whipstitch Sewing Lounge. It was there that I got excited about all the things I could create, as well as found a community to create with. My second class was an intro to Modern Quilting class. After that, I was hooked on quilting! 

As for sewing in my family, my mother owned a machine, but it was mainly for mending. I remember her making a couple of projects when I was young, but it wasn’t really a passion area for her.

2. Tell us a little about you.

I grew up in a small town outside of Orlando, FL. Windermere is practically in Walt Disney World’s backyard. My father worked for Disney, so we spent a good bit of time out there. i had a really fun childhood and got to experience a lot.  My family has moved from the Orlando area, but I still love going back to Disney and can’t wait to take my kids there someday.  Which leads me to kids….My husband and I are expecting our first child (a baby boy) in April!!

Since I live in the South, I have to be a college football fan, right? Well, I am. I attended the University of Florida and grew up as a Gator fan.  I also have another Orange and Blue team that I cheer on, and not just because they are about to go to the BCS National Championship this January. My husband went to Auburn, and since that is a lot closer to Atlanta, I end up at more Auburn games these days, than Florida games.  It kind of works out – they seem to recently have alternating “good” years, and do not play each other very often.

We currently live in Atlanta, GA. I’ve been here for 16 years, and love it.

3. Why did you start Cuts of Cotton?

I love fabric, especially the part where you get to put the colors, patterns and textures together. I have also always wanted to run my own business. These just seemed to fit together and I finally took the leap and started Cuts of Cotton in the Spring of 2013.

4. Where is Cuts of Cotton located? Is it an online and brick and mortar store?

Cuts of Cotton is an “online store” only store, operated out of Atlanta, GA. 

5. How did you come up with the name “Cuts of Cotton” for your blog/business?

I knew that I wanted to carry cotton fabric, and as my husband and I tossed around names, this one just “stuck”!  (And the web site was available :-))

6. What is Cut’s of Cotton’s specialty? 

Cuts of Cotton specializes in stocking the basics: Solids, textured solids and basic patterned 100% cotton fabrics, with the exception of a few linens here and there.

7.  How do you see your business growing?

I’d like to continue stocking fabrics in my focus categories and eventually be known as a one stop shop for all things basic.

8.  Tell us about some of the favorite quilts you’ve made.

I have given away a lot of my favorites. I currently have several in process quilts.  I’ve been a part of a quilting bee for the past 2 years, so I have lots of blocks, but am still in process of sewing them together.  Starting a business has slowed that down a bit 🙂

9.  Tell us what designers, fabrics and colors inspire you and why?

I have loved both of Carolyn Friedlander’s fabric lines, (Architextures and Botanics).  I think my favorite thing about her lines are her color choices, and the texture in her prints. As far as favorite colors, I can be across the board.

10.  What is your favorite and least favorite part of the quilting process?

I love picking the fabrics and deciding on the quilt design.

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about Cuts of Cotton, and sharing a bit about your life with our readers.

This month Cuts of Cotton graciously offered to give-a-way a bundle of fabric, that Emily put together called “January Blues.”  

In order to win this beautiful bundle of fabrics, please sign in to facebook and follow both and, and sign up to receive each of our blog posts. The Cuts of Cotton button is also on the left side of my blog. This offer ends at 5:00 PM on Friday, December 20th, and will be announced on Saturday and again on Monday. Please leave me your e-mail address so we know where to send the “January Blues” fabric bundle.

Thank you again, Emily. And wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season.