What’s Trending in Quilt Fabrics

I always like to see what’s trending in fabric. So what am I seeing a lot of this Spring? 

Chevrons – More than ever. They are clearly a go-to choice for quilters.

Solids – When I began quilting 20 years ago, I was taught to use solids to bridge the colors and patterns together in my quilts. They were usually the last choice to bring all the fabrics together.  We’ve made a 180 since then.
Solids are often now what a whole quilt is made of, and are not necessarily treated as a complimentary choice. 

Dots – They are everywhere also, and quilters can’t seem to get enough of them.

Pearl Bracelets – This pattern seems like another favorite go-to for stashing fabric.

Peach Tones – I am not seeing as much orchid as I would have thought. Pantone named the color of the season. I am seeing a lot of peach.

Umbrellas – I’m seeing a lot of umbrella themed fabric in mixed colors and black and white.

Foreign Stamps and Scenes – Lot’s of great 1930’s and 1940’s scenes and stamps from that era, in colors and black and white. They generally feature Paris, London, etc.

Pirates – Children’s picture books has experienced a huge popularity spike, and run for the last three or so years. Now I am seeing them show up in mainly juvenile fabrics, but not solely.

Fruits and Vegetables – They have always been popular. I’m seeing lots that have that 1930’s twist to it.
If you find something that you notice either in fabric prints, or colors, please leave a comment in my comment box below.  Thanks. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting!!

Quilting Trends Fall 2013

Every season I like to see what trends are showing up in Brick & Mortar, online stores, blogs, and in the hands of other quilters. There are always lots of predictions, but seeing what shows up in quilting projects is a whole other matter. 

I love checking the Pantone 2013 home dec report, above, which usually is published at least 6 months in advance. So what am I observing? The pantone colors are showing up in fabrics, particularly in the solids. 

Prints that are popular are including animals, letters, numbers, sheet music, even a scrabble print. I’ve been seeing a lot more cats than in years past. Also a lot of hexagons, geometric shapes and chevrons, and not only in fabric, but quilt block designs. 

Blenders seem to be tone on tone, which are really pretty and versatile. See http://www.cottonpatchquiltshop.com/shop/Whats-New/White-on-White-and-Black-on-Blacks.htm from the Cotton Patch Quilt Shop. Also take note of their very cool sale. 

I will say that one of my favorite new lines is from Patrick Loose, called Dazzle, http://patricklose.blogspot.com/These bright tones with simple designs on them are beautiful and fun. 

Search the web and blogs and let me know what you are seeing in quilt and fabric trends.