Inspirations From Italy

It’s hard to believe that 19 days went so quickly. Our vacation to Italy was nothing short of spectacular. It went by way too fast.

We went to Rome, Florence, Pisa and Ostuni. I fell in love with cappuccino, and probably drank 4 of them a day. Also, aqua frizzante, which is water with gas, such as Pelligrino, and drank several a day, because it was still very hot
during the day everywhere.

We took over 1000 photos and have 3 laundry baskets full of clothes to do, (almost done)!! Neither of us gained weight, because we walked everywhere, sometimes up to 8 miles a day. I am still finding pleasant reminders from the beach, sand; in the crease of my wallet, in my sneakers, stuck to the outside of my chap-stick tube even though I’ve wiped it off several times, at the bottom of my suitcase and inside my journal. 

Sadly, I did not find a quilt or fabric store in any of these cities, but did find out there are some in Milan.

I did come across many quilty inspirations including colors and patterns, which I can’t wait to share. (Patterns will come in later posts about quilting, and I’ll refer back to this trip and the city where I found it).

In Rome, (Roma), the predominant colors were apricot, dusty orange, greens, (mostly medium to darker shades), and a red stone palette. Sometimes they were distressed from age, sometimes not.

 Pizza Maker – Real Roman Pizza!!  This was the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.

 Amazing food!!
 So many interesting shapes and colors that come back around to ideas.

White chocolate espresso cup filled with Tiramisu, cut in half. The color of  combinations that look well together were unlimited.

In Florence, (Firenze), the predominant inspirational colors were blues, yellows, peach, red and green.

Gelato colors….

Fruit and vegetables everywhere.

Shades of intense blues everywhere.

Fresh greenery and plantings where ever I turn!! Around a corner, there is another visual surprise waiting there for me. That happend in Ostuni too.
Love it.
This is a photo of The Arno River that just makes me happy!!

The colors of Ostuni are neutrals, including every shade imaginable of white beige and pale apricot. It is called “The White City.”

Everthing in Ostuni is decorated with flowers or plants.

I think this is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited. We stayed at hotel that was a castle in 3 B.C. Then became an Olive Oil factory. 

As beautiful as Ostuni is in the day, I was stunned at it’s beauty when it was all lit up at night.….

Now that I’m back home, there will be a lot more blogging and quilting to share with you. I’m still not adjusted to rushing around like I usually do, so if I’m still a little slow with posting twice a week, please bear with me. 

I’m sorry that I couldn’t upload all the photos I wanted to, to the Hudson Valley Quilts facebook page. Technology abroad was harder than finding unlisted streets on maps. Although I did become a very good map reader on this trip. Eventually, I will add a photo album on facebook of this trip, but not all 1000 photos, I promise.

And, a promise I did make to a number of people from quilters to friends – a list of the best hotels, restaurants, short tours and gelato shops from Rome, Florence and Ostuni. I will post it in the next 4-6 weeks.