And So It Is The Night Before QuiltCon 2015

We got up at 4:00 AM and made it to the airport in good time. Landed in Austin where it is a heavenly 65 F. No coats or sweaters. So we are very happy. When we left it was 7 F.

When we woke up, Biscuit was firmly planted on one of the suitcases and did not want us to go away. He is so sweet. And it was hard to say good-bye to Biscuit and Emma.

Between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM, QuiltCon registrants could go to the Austin Conference Center and pic up their badges. I also looked to see where all my classes were located. Tomorrow I need to be at there at 8:30 AM, so I didn’t want to be trying to figure all that out.

This is my final class schedule. I was wait listed on Weeks Ringle’s Class; Eclectic Modern: Expanding Your Fabric Repertoire with Weeks Ringle, tomorrow from 9:00 AM to 5:00 AM. I am really looking forward to this class.

And I received this incredibly cool gift bag.

And this is only about half of what was inside. But there were two items in there that I loved.

I love having extra colored pencils at my disposal, and these are small enough to carry in a handbag. They came with a sketchbook too, courtesy of the Modern Quilt Guild. Thank you.

And this adorable watch from Bernina. How cute is that? The hands are made of little scissor, and the band is a hard, plastic measuring tape. How cool is that? I will be wearing that for sure.

My husband and I took a tour around downtown Austin and found these great guitars everywhere that is their public art program.

There are so colorful and fun to admire. I will be taking lots of photos of them when we come upon them.

On another note, I am responding to those who comment below, by e-mail. Many seem to prefer that, as opposed to responding in the comment box.

I am off to bed. It’s been a long day since we left New York at 4:00 AM. Can’t wait to share more. In the meantime, enjoy the week, and stay warm and safe for those of you who are in the snow, cold and ice.