"9(9) Problems But a Stitch Ain’t One!" I Came Up With 16!

My friend Amy over at 13 Spools wrote another fun blog post.  This time we are sharing our crazy, and sometimes humorous quilting problems. While waiting at the doctor’s and dentist’s office this week, I thought of more than 9 of them; 16!!

1. Quilting directions that are not CLEAR.

2. Technology that doesn’t work, or when the electricity goes off in the middle of sewing, such as a power outage during a storm.

3. Running out of any quilting item on a Sunday that I know Joanne’s doesn’t carry.

4. Throwing the timing off on my sewing machine, and waiting a week for the machine to come back from the repair guy.

5. A drone attack while I’m outside photographing my quilt or WIP.  (No, this didn’t really happen, YET) 🙂

6.  Every year I give my machine, at what our local Bernina dealer calls, “A Day of Beauty,” which is a tune-up. It costs more than a day of beauty for me.

7. When I lose track of time while sewing, and realize I forgot to put dinner in the oven. Oh well – it’s going to be a call to Capri Pizza for dinner tonight!

8. Giving a quilt to someone who isn’t quilt worthy. In other words, you’ve given someone a quilt as a gift. At some point later in time you find the quilt you put so much work into stuffed in their hall closet, unused. I know that the person I gave this particular quilt too is not reading this blog.  And if by some chance you are, it’s now out in the open.

9. The landline or the cell phone rings. I forgot to bring either one to my sewing table. I jump up and catch it before it goes to voicemail, only to find out it’s a robo call.  Or worse, it’s a political robo call.

10. Getting cold feet while sewing my favorite way, barefoot. Socks are just a little too thick to feel full control over the pedal. But wearing them is better than having cold feet.

11. While hand quilting, picking up an extra piece of the backing, and having to rip out a lot of stitches.

12. Pricking my finger and getting blood on the quilt. It does not come off with saliva, as many have told me it would.

13. Forgetting to throw a cover over the sewing machine when I’m not using it. One day, I found our cat Emma, chewing and swallowing the thread from the spool on top of the machine, which can get caught in a pet’s intestines. This is extremely dangerous to their health, and could result in death. If it ever happens to you, get your pet to the vet or emergency vet right away. Fortunately, she cooperated and I pulled the thread out of her mouth, slowly and carefully. I was shocked at how much she had managed to swallow. Sewing can be a dangerous endeavor. Don’t forget to baby proof and pet proof.

14. Pulling out fabric I stored and finding it permanently dis-colored.

15. Unable to  find my groove or flow while I’m sewing. Listening to Barry White’s, “Your My Everything,” cures that.

16. I am a little, teensy, tiny bit older than most of you, and come from a time when we used to talk on the phone to each other. Sometimes a lot!! 

I miss talking on the phone. I miss hearing someone’s voice, even if it is a new friend. If I come across a quilting problem, and want to talk with a quilting friend, people are uneasy about giving out their phone numbers and would rather do everything by e-mail. (I know, there are a lot of scary people out there. I am not one of them.) Sometimes, I would rather just pick up that phone and speak to my quilting friends, not e-mail them. I am not afraid to give out my phone number.

And there you go.