12 Day Sale – Quilt Shop Sale

Every so often I know of a brick and mortar store sale that is outstanding, and I will promote it. www.cottonpatchequiltshop.com is having “The 12 Days to Stuff Your Stocking,” sale.

I love this sale, because I don’t live anywhere near Florida, and you don’t have to in order to benefit from this sale.

During each of the 12 days, they feature a different product. Today there are a few different kinds of scissors. So if you’re interested, you place an order, and they hold it aside, and keep a “tab” for you, (with your credit card). Tomorrow, there will be a different product. You have the option of purchasing it, or not. At the end of the 12 days, the customer is charged for the products they chose, and then promptly all your purchases are sent to you. Orders over $200 receive free shipping!!

Check out the web site for all the details. This is really worth it.

Happy Quilting!!