Creativity and Inspiration; You Never Know Where it Will Come From

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already August. This past month really flew by. As many of you know, I was taking a very intense and compressed photography class, (just during July) at Westchester Community College. 

I began this class knowing nothing more than point and shoot. I finished knowing how to use manual and automatic settings. There were about 1000 other things about composition which I am now thinking about, that overlaps with quilt design, use of negative space, how other elements in the foreground, middle ground and background can support or distract from a focal element. 

And lighting. That came a bit easier to me than I thought it would. Believe me, there are still many mechanical and technical skills I am practicing and have to improve upon.

I have a big, new whoosh of inspiration that has flooded me. I work with fabrics, threads and patterns inside closed environments. I look outside now, and suddenly see so much I hadn’t before. Lots can be translated into color schemes and pattern designs. Others just make me feel happy and energized. What a great gift that is.

This journey was an outstanding learning experience, and I find myself thinking differently, because I am looking at things differently. For part of my final project I photographed two quilts which I have posted before, but photographed differently.

Again, Thank you so much Lynn for letting me use your fence and porch for photographing.

On another note, while surfing the internet, I came across an incredibly inspirational website that covers many areas of design, some of which is great for quilters, those who sew home dec., and those who sew clothes and bags. I am excited to share this with you.

This blog main tabs are What’s Trending, in DIY, Spaces, Places, Products, Before and After, Entertaining, Columns, (interesting viewpoints from industry leaders and influencers), Video’s, and Biz Ladies.

Below these tabs are a short list of articles, some of which I am finding new inspirations. For example, this “What’s Trending” article;
I think a lot of us are always wondering, “What’s around the corner regarding new fabrics and designs?” I loved looking at these new post modern designs.

Out came my sketchbook and I then I launched Threadbias……

Have a great week and Happy Quilting!!