Mini – Quilt Paint Chip Challenge Top is Finished

The quilt top for the mini-quilt, paint chip challenge is finished. I wasn’t happy with the way it first came out, so I changed it up a bit.



I thought this pattern was a good choice. The abstract composition gave me the feeling of random chaos. Before I sewed the strips together in the first version, above, I thought the random chaoticness didn’t communicate that at all.

So I did some playing with the fabrics, color combinations, the sizes of the blocks, and their positions. 

On the second row, I added a long block. 

On the fourth row, I added a block, using two half – square triangles. It provided enough change to really give it that “randomness” I wanted it to have.

One of the comments I received The Colorful Fabriholic, said, not to go lighter with the binding, and she is right. (Thank you to all who commented). It would make the grey, which I’m trying to draw attention away from, more attention. 

Too late last night I auditioned some bindings, and the darker blue used in some of the squares seems like a good choice. I’m going to sit with that idea for awhile, while I baste and machine quilt, and see if I still feel the same way when it’s time to add the binding, and I’m not tired.

More to come, and I need to get started on a pirate baby quilt, and a girl’s baby quilt during the next few days.

On another note, the anniversary issue of Make Modern e-zine is now on sale. 
It is the first anniversary of this outstanding modern magazine from Australia. I do write features for this magazine, and I am really proud to be a part of it. My article this month is about what inspires Alison Glass’s designs, and “getting to know,” her better, “up close and personal.”

I want to make this clear to all of my readers. I am not praising this magazine, because I am one of the writers. I wouldn’t write for any publisher or publication that I didn’t feel produced a stellar product. 

It is my opinion that if you enjoyed Hey Quilty!!, you are going to love Make Modern.  Along with feature articles about everything to do with modern quilting and sewing, there are patterns from some very talented quilters and quilt bloggers. This bimonthly e-zine, also covers quilting math, book reviews, give-a-ways, and tons of recommended quilting and sewing resources to help readers reach their quilting goals. The photographs are stunning. Who doesn’t love that?

Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting!!

Quilting Photos with New Nikon D3200

This is a short post, but it shows some better photos of my finished quilt top. I used my new Nikon D3200. I promised I’d show better photos of the Moda floral fabric that is really pretty. Here goes….

I just received some beautiful new fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop. More photos of fabrics and quilts, as I learn these new techniques with a new camera, and finish with my class this month.

I am not straying from the mission of this blog, which is also to provide quilt news, WIP’s, interviews, and book reviews.

Winner of Fort Worth Fabric Studio Give-a-Way

Thank you to everyone who sent Happy Blogaversary wishes. It means a lot to me, because I enjoy sharing with readers what I am discovering in the quilt industry, as well as my WIP’s and tutorials.

The lucky winner of the $25 Fort Worth Fabric Studio gift certificate is ScottyLover.

Please e-mail me at ( with your snail mail address so Fort Worth Fabric Studio can send you the gift certificate. Congratulations and happy shopping!!

On Fridays, Fort Worth Fabric Studio offers some great bundle deals. And a special thank you to Jodie for offering this gift certificate.

And The New Blogger’s Blog Hop will be hopping to the next group of new quilt bloggers. Click on Plum and June’s button to check them out. I’m looking forward to visiting these new blogs too. And a special thanks to Beth for coordinating this great blog hop.

Happy Reading and Happy Quilting!!

Machine Quilting, Hand Quilting and WIP’s

I learned how to hand quilt before I learned how to machine quilt. Actually I enjoy both. But today I am going to focus on hand quilting.  One reason is that I can share this WIP with you today, which I am so excited about. It is a single size bed quilt, that I am hand quilting. That bottom row is almost finished. Then the edges. Sew up the binding, and it will be finished!!

This pattern is Attic Windows, and the pattern was published in 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts, by Judy Hopkins and Nancy J. Martin. Bothell, WA., Martingale Company, 1998, pp. 37-38.

It is almost finished.  I hand quilt the edges using this half circle hoop. It is great for hand quilting the edges and the corners. 

I always have one hand quilting project in my WIP projects. Even if it’s a king size quilt. (Not kidding I’ve done one before, and after this I am going to do another king). 

Doing hand work, is very relaxing and very Zen for me. It’s great to pick up when I’m waiting for a repair person to show up, or I don’t have enough time between two activities to start sewing on the sewing machine. I love to have some hand work to do at night when my husband and I are watching TV.

AND, in my bee, we only do hand work, which does not mean just quilting and hand applique. Some members bring crochet and knitting. We meet in a church basement every other week, and it would not be easy to bring a sewing machine down the narrow stairs, and all the stuff we need to work on, when piecing or machine quilting.

The really interesting part of this story is; halfway through this quilt I was introduced to the Prescencia Thread line. Pepper Cory,,swears by this thread, and encouraged me to try it on this quilt.

I was already halfway finished with another brand’s neutral color. The color shades are slightly different, but I decided to try it, and ended up changing to the Prescencia hand quilting #40 thread anyway.

Here’s why;

1. The thread moves so smoothly through the quilt. It glides like skates on really smooth ice, through the three layers. I can do 4-5 stitches at a time.

2. The thread is really durable.

3. I looked at some of my other quilts that are hand quilted.  They have been used, washed and dried in home machines, but the color of the thread has faded over time. I know Presencia doesn’t fade. 

I learned about this when I interviewed Jim and Tom Collingham from Colonial Needle, and they showed me a minor’s jacket with the Ralph Lauren logo on it, which are made using Prescencia threads. The jacket was washed over 50 times and bleached. It is still the same bright color.

BTW – I am not being paid to write about this. I’m just passing this on because it’s a relatively new discovery for me, and I love this product. While looking at this quilt that’s in the home stretch, I am awestruck by the color of this thread next to the other thread. I am so happy with it, and am excited to share a great new quilting product.

Can you tell the difference between them?


Feel free to guess which is the Presencia.  When I post next Thursday, I will tell you which one it is. I am not revealing the manufacturer of the other thread, because this is a positive blog. They make a good product. And, I am not interested in negativity.

On another note, I did finish all 80 blocks for my Pick & Mix quilt over the weekend – goal accomplished!!

These are just a few….

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Once again, I want to wish everyone a very happy Memorial Day.
I am sending out special prayers, and many “thank you’s” to all those who have served, and are serving our country, and their families. You all do so much for us in so many ways.

Work In Progress – Quilt 2

Another quilt I’ve been working on comes from a QAL I participated in with Fresh Lemon Quilts,

I chose to do this QAL, because paper piecing is not my strength, and this one is much easier, than my first paper piecing project. It still is a great challenge for me. There are only two pieces to sew per quarter block, as opposed to several,which was my first introduction to paper piecing a few years ago. 

I highly recommend if you are new to paper piecing, plan a paper piecing project with a small amount of paper pieces first, such as this one. 
Then challenge yourself with more intricate paper piecing projects.

I rearranged the given color pattern from the QAL to this one:


My points on my blocks, (see below), came out really well, and I am very happy about that. The photos are not giving the light colored fabric justice.   It is a very light beige, with a tiny pattern in it. In one of the lower purple blocks, (see above), I plan to add a little unexpected surprise. I can’t wait to see how the quilt top comes out. I am hoping it will be finished by the weekend of February 15. Stay tuned….

Happy Quilting!! In Ossining so far we have at least 10″ of snow, and it’s still coming. For those of you who are having a big snowstorm today. Stay safe.