Work in Progress – I Found Gold in My Stash

Besides blogging, I have been doing a lot of sewing. I have three WIP’s. Two of them are King size quilts, and one is a single size quilt. 

I am going to share just one today, because it ties in with a new challenge I just began, which is “going on a fabric diet.” 

And here’s the story; I began this quilt, called Pick and Mix, designed by Angela Davies. I am using 1930’s reproduction fabrics, and purchased a jelly roll. The pattern is for a 58″ x 85″ quilt. That comes out to 39 blocks, that are 8″ squares. It also has a 5″ border. That said, I need to make 72-80 blocks for it to be the size I want. I am also planning to incorporate a few of those blocks in the back. These are the some of the 30 I finished.

I was feeling a little repetitious with the same fabrics, and was considering purchasing one more jelly roll from a different manufacturer to provide me with more options. 

That’s when I looked at a lot of photos of quilts made with 1930’s reproduction fabrics. I put my credit card back into my wallet and scoured through my stash. 

What happened? I found at least 10 more fabrics that are perfect and stay in the style with the jelly roll and finished squares. 

Then what happened? 

There are fabrics I absolutely love and have been hanging onto for more than 10 years waiting for that “just right” project. That “just right” project is staring at me right now. 

So, here I go, and I’m really excited and happy about this outcome. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately, and cannot remember which blogger said she was going on a fabric diet. If I remember or come across it again, I will share and give her credit. At least for me, it is a fabulous idea, and well needed. 

Before this enlightening experience, I did order a custom bundle from Sew Me a Song, that Becca customed designed for me with lots of greys, and text prints. It will soon come to the door. (This reminds me of having that last piece of cake before you go on a real diet). Of course I will share when it arrives. 

So my official first day of the great fabric diet is 5/5/14. Let’s see how long I can last. Hopefully at least until fall market in Houston!!